Four Printmakers: Exhibition at Cypher House 9-10 May  and 16-17 May 2009


This exhibition brings together four artists for whom making prints has been an essential part of their creative process.  The medium they use (whether etching or silkscreen) has dictated, by its accidents and its constraints, an exploratory approach to the working process. For them uncovering the unexpected is as crucial a part of the engagement as setting out with an idea. We have four very distinctive voices in this show.  All four artists use abstraction to communicate their artistic preoccupations. In each case the material world is their starting point. John Roberts takes the charged area of the stage, the bull ring, the circus to explore dynamic depths and shifting perspectives. Francois Imhoff folds and unfolds organic shapes to arrive at a luminous surface of light and shadows. Olivia Krimpas, for whom dance is a central concern, plays with gesture and movement to build up forms of jewel-like intensity, which scatter and bounce across the page..  Manou Shama-Levy, more preoccupied with nature’s inclination for pattern and rhythm plays with formal geometric shapes in shallow perspectives.

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  Cypher House - Olivia Krimpas - etching   Cypher  House - John Roberts - Etchings  
  Olivia Krimpas   John Roberts  
  Cypher House - Manou Shama-Levy - etching   Cypher House - François Imhoff - silkscreens  
  Manou Shama-Levy   François Imhoff